Fairtrade Timeline

Fairtrade means a stable price which covers production costs and also pays a premium that producer organisations can invest in business development or social and environmental schemes that will benefit the wider community.

Fairtrade standards also protect and improve the environment. Extra income from Fairtrade means farmers can invest in sound agricultural practices – better protection for farmers and better products for us.

Fairtrade is based on a clear set of internationally agreed criteria, which are independently assessed and monitored, and the whole system is open and transparent.

Today we can enjoy a wide variety of food and drink from across the world. Tea, coffee, chocolate, bananas, are just a few of the products we take for granted daily. Yet life can be very hard for some of the growers and their families as they struggle to earn enough to survive. Too many farmers in the developing world have to contend with fluctuating prices that may not even cover the costs incurred in producing their crop.

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