There are a few things you can do to help small scale farmers starting with buying products with the Fairtrade mark whenever you can then:

When you socialise

  • Encourage friends and colleagues to buy Fairtrade
  • Ask cafés and restaurants to serve Fairtrade teas and coffees

When shopping

  • Buy products with the Fairtrade mark

    Fairtrade logo

    The Fairtrade logo

  • Look for Fairtrade wherever you are shopping and request they stock the Fairtrade products if they do not

When at work

  • Get your workplace to have Fairtrade drinks
  • Serve Fairtrade products at meetings

When thinking about your local community

  • Support Farm Shops and Farmers’ Markets too –  Fairtrade forges a closer link between consumers and producers. Farm Shops and Farmers’ Markets give us a similar link with local farmers. By supporting local farmers we help to encourage local production and preserve local crop varieties. This also reduces the distance food has to travel and so cuts down on pollution.

Rutland Fairtrade Steering Group are working with Transition Rutland and highlighting the importance of local produce.


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